StickyNotePages - Information page February 2014 - Copyright : ActiveC dot biz Limited

StickyNotePages is a custom pod for Adobe Connect meeting rooms, webinars, virtual classrooms and seminar rooms.   The core code is Flex based, with a Heroku hosted postgres backend for Notepad storage.

All stored data is encrypted, as is any data transmitted over the internet. 

The main purpose (or "use case") for StickyNotePages is to provide a powerful and easy to use collaboration tool that allows multiple users to share, organise and export their ideas in the form of real-world style sticky notes.

StickyNotePages works with Connect version 8 and 9.    It is a paid and licensed app after a 15 day free-trial.

There are two versions of StickyNotePages available, Standard Edition and an enhanced Enterprise Edition with extra features. Scroll down to find out how they differ.

Click here to watch videos of StickyNotePages in action

Standard Edition

Take your NotePad with you...

Take your notes away with you, simply save your notes into your Notepad Cloud account!  
Everything is saved.. page backgrounds, note colours, icons, editors, and the position of every note.

Make the session work for you...

Easily move notes around to group them together. 

'Backgrounds' allow you to use organise notes into specific areas, adding visual structure. There are four templates to get you started, and an easy to use custom background tool to create your own.

You can move notes between pages, and each page can have a  different background, depending on the topic - it's up to you!

Everyone gets involved...

It's not just the loudest voices that get to contribute when you use StickyNotePages.
Each attendee in the  meeting room can : 
        • create new notes
        • edit existing notes
        • change note colour 
        • add or change icons
        • move notes around the page
        • access multiple pages of notes
        • save notes into the cloud
All without affecting any other user in the meeting!

All the above features and more in:

Images in notes

Bring life to your notepads with images! Add an image to a note by URL or directly from your Connect content library and switch notes between text and image mode seamlessly.

Presenter mode

Hosts and presenters can now activate Presenter Mode which will take control of participant's views of StickyNotePages and ensure their focus is where you want it to be.

Restrict access to export features

Now you can control who has access to the ActiveC Cloud and CSV export features from the settings menu. Host can restrict presenters or participants from using these features.

Aesthetics abound...

Use the contextual editor to change note text and background colour as well as choosing from a selection of helpful icons.

All this makes it even easier for you to categorise and sort notes as required.

You can even have multiple copies of the app running inside Connect rooms - drag and drop notes between them!

Page turner...

Split your on line session up into groups, and  add their thoughts on different topics across different pages, all working and contributing at the same time.

Extract and expand...

Export your NotePads as CSV files for further work offline. You can retain information about note text, colour, page and icon.

Work together, work better...

Multiple users can create, edit and delete notes - your team can collaborate on something power and beautiful quickly! 

Images in backgrounds

Bring complex sorting tasks or strong presentation elements to your notepads using custom image backgrounds. Images can be added from URL or directly from your content library,

Images from Connect content library

With the new image notes and backgrounds comes the ability to import images directly from your Connect content library into StickyNotePages!

White lable branding and enhanced controls

Enterprise Edition offers more control over drag and drop note placement, as well as free choice of note colouring and white lable branding of the app.